Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bad news.........and more bad news..........Day: 43

                Today was rough for mom and Garrett.  First of all Garrett had his circumcision done last night.  So he was not too happy this morning about that.  Then this morning they stopped the last of his narcotic drugs.  Bummer.  He had pretty bad withdraws today.  He just was not his normal self.  Once again, I knew this was coming since we had postponed it once before.  But that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier.  We both cried today.  He cried from the withdraws and I cried because he had withdraws.  Lose/lose situation in our room today!  He didn’t even really want his binky….so I KNEW he was not feeling right.
                Other HUGE BUMMER is that Garrett lost weight over the past 2 days.  That is a big no-no when you are trying to get signed up for the next boat out of the NICU.  So that has obviously pushed back our trip to the ‘zoo’.  He was up to around 8lbs 9oz.  He dropped back down into the 8lb 8oz zone.  But as of this evening he was back up –8lbs  11oz, the best yet!  So I am trying to figure out how I can pump the most food into the kid without him spitting it right back at me.  J  Best bet for Garrett seems to be sticking with feeds every 3 hours.  He burns more calories than a normal baby because he works so hard to breathe.  So we have to pump as many calories into him as possible, while also being healthy about it. 
                Garrett seemed to be doing better late this evening.  His weight was back up and he wanted his binky with a vengeance – both good signs.  So I came home to sleep for a few hours.  The past few days have been crazy stressful. No one ever said the CDH rollarcoaster would be an easy ride – but it just is SO LONG!  I wanna pull into the unloading zone already!

Loving the Binky.


  1. I don't look at it as bad news, it's just a dip in the roller coaster ride...he's doing so well, it's amazing to catch up on his progress. Megan did a great job on her blog, glad you shared it on here. Prayers continue...
    Sarah, Mville

  2. Sarah has the right attitude... it's a small dip.. maybe with a sharp curve... but not enough to cause whiplash!! :)

    Is he off the oxygen still???

    Mention adding MORE calories to the Breast Milk!! Also.... if he was working harder to breath, if he was uncomfortable from his circ AND withdrawing from his meds --- those ALLLLLL burn calories!!! It's a lot to happen at once to him!! One thing... be thankful they did the circ NOW and not the day of/day before going to the "zoo"... typically they are lethargic and most get tylenol and then they DON"T eat and when you take home a baby from the NICU and all of a sudden he doesn't want to eat and is sleepy and not acting like himself, you'll end up in the ER paniced! Mark the circ off the checklist! :)

    Sounds like it's just a few days.... not too bad... as much as it may STINK to have Garrett with two other babies... it's a GREAT step in the right direction!!! :) Unfortunately, when Garrett goes to the "zoo", Grant will be fighting for attention as well... you are very intellegent... you know how much fun that will be! :) We ALL have spoiled Garrett (and RIGHTFULLY SO after all he has been through!!) and he will get just as much spoiling at home! He is VERY bright as well... I told you he was crying and I just stepped in his doorway and as soon as he heard my voice he stopped!! He has us wrapped around his adorable little fingers!!! :) Now if only we could set his mobile to be on continuous mode!

    It will all work out... we will be in the "unloading zone" shortly and then you'll be missing us around the 3:00 am feeding!! :)