Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Settling In

Garrett has settled right in at home.  It is SHOCKING to me what a CONTENT baby he is.  I just expected a cranky, hard to please baby due to the fact he had been through so much.  WRONG.  He is quite the opposite.   The only time I see him get very upset is when I lay him on the changing table to change his diaper.  At the hospital diaper changes went along with his assessments – which could include a LONG list of items with everything from blood pressure checks to blood draws.  So he has BAD associations with having his diaper changed.  The moment I get the diaper changed and pick him up he is SILENT. 
We have had a few spit ups with one BIG one the first day we were home, other than that he has been quite the easy baby.  The spitting up is normal for CDH babies.  We just try to keep him upright for at least 10 to 15 minutes after each feeding and that really seems to help.  The majority of feedings we do not have any problems.
Adjusting to a baby that requires a little more attention and a 3-year-old that is all excited to have a baby brother home is NUTS!  However I am enjoying every exhausting minute of it – wouldn’t change it for the world.
We have Garrett's first normal pediatric appointment tomorrow -- hoping for a weight gain!  We also have home health nurses coming to the house over the next month to monitor his blood pressure, weight, etc.  Gives me a little extra peace of mind, I'm LOVING that. ;)
Special thanks to DJ, Ashley, & Peyton Mernick for the food – good stuff!  Also want to thank my Chicago Family for the Lou Malnati’s Pizza’s that were delivered from Chicago today.  YIPEE to that!
Lovin from Mimi Vicky
 Lovin from Mimi Ellen
 Lovin from Papa Ed
 Check out those bird legs!
 Lovin from brother Grant


  1. love seeing this pics! SO glad yall are home. He looks so good!

  2. YEAH! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the "boring, uneventful, normal pics"! So happy you all are doing well!

    I see that you had to twist everyone's arms to get them to hold Garrett... ;) Grant looks so happy and proud to hold his brother!

  3. i love the photo of Grant holding his baby brother. I hope you continue to get great news from the docs and nurses.

  4. I love all these pictures!