Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My CDH Miracle

I found out at an ultrasound CDH is what you had,
Nothing could have prepared me for something so unbelievably bad.

‘Your baby has a 50% chance of surviving’ is what the doctors said,
I had so many scary thoughts running through my jumbled head.

I decided from the beginning to give you the best chance I could,
I knew if you were a fighter, a good chance that you stood.

Your organs were working against you from the very start,
They migrated to your chest – stomach pushing on your heart.

Your lungs could not grow to what they were supposed to be,
Yet you still grew to a full baby, warm inside of me.

You made a quick entrance into the world one fine day,
Unfortunately the specialists did quickly whisk you right away.

I did not get to hold you as a normal mother would,
But I knew it was for the best; and this I understood.

You were such a strong baby; baby boy of mine,
You fought quite the battle, and it took quite a bit of time.

There were many scary moments, especially for mom and dad,
You came so close to life support; at times we were quite sad.

I sat by your side and watched you fight to stay alive,
I was by your side for always, from the moment you arrived.

I watched you improve to the baby you are today,
I watched the CDH battle slowly moving far away.

After living on a ventilator, many drugs, and surgery too,
After 45 days you came home to me, my baby number two.

You have taught me many things my son, too many to explain,
You taught me how to beat the odds, how to deal with all the pain.

You continue to grow stronger with every passing day,
Continue on this path my son, growing stronger in every way.

No one can explain why things happen the way they do,
No one can explain to me why I was given you.

You are my miracle; this you will always be,
I am happy god has given me you to stay on earth with me.


  1. Janna
    God only gives special children to special people. He knew that Garrett's mom was up to every challenge thrown at her. Special children are also given to special families. Having had a special child in our family, I understand how that impacts and changes the dynamic forever. You are blessed among mothers for having been given this adorable, strong, fighting little man. I will try to see you and yours before we move to Tennessee.
    Much love
    Debi Mann

  2. BEAUTIFUL JANNA ! You could not have said it any better than you did . God Bless You and your family for being so insperational to Julia , and our family . Thank you so much for just being there when Julia just needs someone to talk to , You are wonderful .

  3. I love this!!! He is definitely a miracle. And a handsome one at that! I love the pictures of him in his chair and on the floor just being a normal baby.

  4. Good stuff.

    Sarah, Mville

  5. Janna..... I'm just sobbing!!!! What a beautiful BEAUTIFUL thing you wrote!!!!! I am so happy for you guys!! Garrett is truly a miracle.... As every child is!!! I never told you this, but my cousin lost a baby girl a few years back to CDH! I wonder all the time if she would have survived if she had the care you did and medicine had advanced to where it has.... In such a short time!!

    You are amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!! XO

  6. Happy Tears! I love it Janna!