Friday, June 17, 2011

Continuing to Thrive

Weight at last week's home health visit = 9 lbs 4 oz
Weight at today's home health visit = 9lbs  15oz  -- almost 10 lbs. 
Holy Mackrel!!!

Making a funny face in the bath -- he loves the bath.

 Super content in his chair:

 Stretchin out on the floor:
 Remarkably he still has a very ROUND head.  Shocking since he laid in a NICU for 45 days.  He does have a little bald spot, small price to pay ;)


  1. He looks so happy and chubby!

  2. Yay for gaining weight! He is just so handsome, I just wanna squeeze him :)
    -Julia C-

  3. He looks soo beautiful; thanks for posting pictures! We are all trying to come see him, and with everyone's schedule I hope it's before he turns 1 :) Please give hugs and kisses to his brother from us - wondering how Grantie is handling sharing his kingdom....Love to you all! Aunt Nancy

  4. I just love the bath photo! His smile is the best!

  5. He's so cute!! I haven't posted in a while because of my occasional unintelligent moments--I continued to get the same blog up everytime I would click on the link I had in my browser--then it just occurred to me today that I had the link from day he came home up there and need to get just the main link--but I figured it out--I was thinking it is not like Janna to not post--I knew it had to be something I was doing--imagine that it was:)

    Thinking of you guys!! He is so cute and I love that little funny face!!

  6. Janna -
    Back in town and getting caught up on Garrett and the family! What incredible progress and what a handsome boy! I know it's long overdue but -Welcome Home! I look forward to seeing you all!
    Karen, Paul and Jacob