Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Car Seat Test (Day 42)

Garrett took his car seat test today.  He had to sit in his car seat for an hour.  He did just fine.  He actually fell asleep and ended up staying in the car seat for closer to 2 hours.  Looks like he will enjoy car rides like his brother!
                Today was an unbelievably crazy day in the orange hallway.  I made the mistake yesterday of saying out loud that it was an exceptionally SLOW day….then today happened; just very busy.  I also found out they are doing Garrett’s circumcision tonight, so I ended up deciding to stay the night as well. 
                We are now a catch 22.  Garrett is now in a good place health wise, so he is now a low priority baby compared to some of the others in the NICU.  So if a sicker baby needs attention, Garrett has to wait his turn.  Since he is doing so well, his nurse may have up to 3 babies.  So now I find myself actually spending more time at the hospital to take care of him.  I am very happy he is doing so well, NO DOUBT. It is just interesting when he was sicker, he had his own nurse and I was actually more comfortable leaving the NICU to go home for the evening.  Now I worry he will cry and no one will be able to come to his room until they are ‘available’.  Like I said – a catch 22.


  1. I am hoping that Garrett is getting ready to go to the "zoo."

  2. Anytime you and Paul need a break let me know! I am more than willing to go up there. Love you all!

  3. At least it's a good catch 22!