Monday, June 27, 2011

Still No Results

Initially, OF COURSE, the doctors office said we should have the results from Garrett's re-newborn screen by the end of last week.  When I called today to inquire, they told me it could take much longer that one week to get them back.  I was a little suspicious when the other lady told me they would have them back within a week -- I thought that sounded to good to be true with the timeliness and I was RIGHT ON.

As soon as I know something it will be posted on here.  Thank you everyone for being so concerned about little Garrett!  I have a lot of texts, e-mails, etc., inquiring about him and the test results so I wanted to put this post up.

Garrett enjoying summer with his big brother Grant:

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  1. Janna, so sorry I haven't been writing on here or calling...I win the bad friend award. We are still praying for Garrett everyday! I know you have had so much waiting to do through all of this. Unfortunately, we will be having to do much more "waiting" as they get older...especially when Garrett and Peyton go out on the town together! We love you and are always here! Please let us know if you need anything!